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Apr 26

The importance of dynamic pricing

The dynamic pricing strategy finds its roots in the powerful idea of changing prices according to competition. Dynamic pricing is not a newborn kind of strategy, airline companies used to use it in the 80′ for fixing ticket prices. Thanks to technology, today is, however, possible to take advantage of different automatic tools that have

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Apr 12

Dynamic vs static pricing

For those managers that are running an online business, today’s competition price tracking is as important as taking the right strategic marketing decisions on the pricing policy in order to increase the business. One of the most common pricing strategies that online managers use is for sure the continuous price variation, that it is affected

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Nov 23

Facing the Black Friday in the right way

One of the most awaited event of the year is just around the corner and you need to be ready for the jungle prices that it’s gonna take place out there! The Black Friday represents a great chance for any retailer that wants to capitalize on it. If you run and online shopping, Cyber Monday

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Sep 13

How to be competitive in the pet market with Competitoor

How many hours a day do you spend monitoring your online competitors? How much does this operation cost you in terms of both money and time? You’d better start thinking about that. The pet market is changing so fast every day. Prices are daily fluctuating and because there is a great demand of these kind

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Aug 24

Make sure you have everything under control

Being a Brand today is not easy. Internet is a double-edged sword because if it allows you to reach a great number of potential customers, it also get very difficult for a Brand to control that its pricing rules are followed. With MAP (minimum advertised price) is intended the minimum price allowed when selling the

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May 24

Competitoor as a pricing strategy

Many are the pricing strategies that retailers can use to increase sales and call people on their website. Along with it there is the fact that e-commerce specialists does not use just a single one of them. It is very likely that by customizing the pricing strategy according to the customer’s behaviour, the chance to

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Dec 28

2016 and the e-commerce: how it has changed and improved

The e-commerce are becoming part of our daily life, and more often we use them to check offers to compare to the in store ones. The global system of e-commerce is growing rapidly year by year. The new generations are closer and closer to the web, thanks to the Internet connection that today is available

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Oct 19

Psychological pricing always wins

The price is one of the most important features when it comes to sell a product. Psychological pricing is a marketing strategy based on the theory that some prices have a more psychological impact on costumers than others. So, if you apply this kind of pricing strategy to your item, it is more likely that

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Jan 12

Raising prices through monitoring the competition

It is not the lowest price that increases sales, but the most intelligent one. Last week we talked about how difficult it is to determine the right selling price for a product. Calculating the costs and adding a profit margin is not enough; rather, you must consider your target market because those who buy online

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Feb 23

The ancient art of the perfect price

The perfect price doesn’t exist. I wrote it immediately so as not to be misunderstood. Yet ancient sages know the law of supply and demand, and sometimes one can reach the ideal value that allows the online shop to maximize profits. With Competitoor this wisdom is always at your disposal. Changing prices is an important activity in

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