Tucano Urbano is one of the main pillars of the Italian economy for the two wheeler lovers. It was born in Milan in 1999, and today is mostly famous for the Termoscud, the cover for those who ride a scooter. Through these years Tucano Urbano managed to affirm itself on the market and today has become a banchmark for those who are passionate about this field.

For the interview we asked to Eraldo Munari, the International Business Developer of the Brand.

Hi Eraldo, thanks for giving us the opportunity to do this interview.

1. How did you discover Competitoor?
After careful considerations, the team and I decided that it was time for a change. We needed to automate the process of controlling the retailers. Thus, I googled a software or company that allowed me to do so, and I found Competitoor. We arranged a demo so I could get to know how the tool worked and then we decided to definetly use it.

2. When you first used the software, were you surprised about the results you got? For istance by seeing that a retailer selling way under the threshold?
We already knew that some retailers were not respecting our pricing rules. For this reason the firtst results we got, didn't find us surprised, but rather they were proportionates with our expectations.

3. We know that you are not using Competitoor only in the Italian market, can you tell us more about this decision?
We decided to keep tracked those countries where Tucano Urbano's products are sold the most. In these countries our pricing rules are respected most of the time, and we decided thus to have more control in those markets where our brand is strong.

Tucano Urbano

4. Do you think that Competitoor helps you maintaining relationship with retailers or rather save time in monitoring them?
When a company decides to check all the prices of its retailers, it certainly appears as much more professional. Through Competitoor, we notice that this checking process is appreciated a lot by those dealers that are respecting our pricing rules. At the same time, those that are not, are changing their behaviour thanks to Competitoor.

5. How did you check prices before using Competitoor?
Before discovering Competitoor we used to check all the prices manually, but this process was taking too long time. Thus we did some research in Google and we were so pleased to discover that there was a software that would helped us making this process automatic. Once we agreed for a demo, we decided to start using it and today we have more time to dedicate to other important activities.

6. Who is using Competitoor in the team?
The softwar is mostly used in the commercial department.

7. In your opinion, how much is important the price for the purchase process?
The price is one of the most important feature that costumers take in consideration when buying a product. But I can't say that for our products the price is cutting our sales. Probably the value that the costumers perceive from our products justify the price we offer.

8. How do you picture the e-commerce in the coming years?
I think that the e-commerce is daily growing, specially with the new generations which are more comfortable in the online purchase. In Italy the e-commerce is still not as common as in other european countries such as Great Britain, but for sure the future is going to be more and more digial.